AlGhazzawi Group of Companies is a family owned group, and is one of the largest diversified conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia managing a wide portfolio of businesses.

With its origin tracing back to pre-boom period, the Group has been operating and expanding in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over four decades  and is now one of the most successful and fastest growing groups with a wide portfolio of businesses including legal services, real estate development, trading, franchising, retail, catering, manufacturing, and telecommunication.  It boasts human capital in excess of 1,200 valued and dedicated employees.

The vision and foresight of its founder guided AlGhazzawi Group in remaining  a pioneer in most of the activities it has pursued and it has maintained its leadership.

While AlGhazzawi Group focusses on its current businesses, it continuously seeks to venture into new businesses and partnership where it could leverage its experience, expertise and business acumen gained during these long decades.