AlGhazzawi Group’s business activities can be traced back to the pre-boom period. In fact, the Group was in the forefront to welcome the economic prosperity which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed in the early seventies. The Group owes its success to the pioneering efforts of its founder, Dr.Talal Amin Al-Ghazzawi who foresaw the need for specialized engineering and construction companies to cater to the rapid expansion and infrastructure developmental activities in the Kingdom. Consequently, the Group got associated with several Multinational construction and engineering giants and participated in the Kingdom’s infrastructure development works.

Owing to the distinct academic background of the Founder and the partners and coupled with their vision and farsightedness, the Group has been able to diversify into different areas of businesses and service sectors.

Today, the group employs more than 1200 people across its diversified businesses which include Legal Professional Services, Real Estate Development and Management, Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Manufacturing, Franchising, Telecommunications and Local & International Investments.